Hay field - Lancaster, PA

​San Sebastien' Spain

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland - 1

Petra, Jordan

Junior and tracks - Paradise, PA

Stroll past Oprah's house - Paradise island, Bahamas

Running of the Bulls - Pompalona, Spain

Cliffs of Moher - Ireland - 2

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​Queen of Queen's Point - West Virginia

Old Truck in Dulce, NM

A local cow - Pohkara, Nepal

Rain on the way - Pokhara, Nepal

My Photography

Rich's Car - Ronks, PA

Gypsy Lady - Dublin, Ireland

​Bridge to Temple Bar - Dublin, Ireland

Midday in Kathmandu, Nepal

General Lee - 1 - Smoketown, PA

Doha, Qatar

Queen for a day - Lake Mead, AZ

​Bus - Dublin, Ireland

​Green Hills - Galway, Ireland

Arizona Rocks - Lee's Ferry

Philippine Sunset - Candon, Philippines

Junior and Rich - Ronks, PA

Girl and Horse

John W. Crawford Photography

Great Pyramids of Giza - Egypt

Children at Play - Candon, Philippines

Prints for Sale

All of these images are for sale; you can purchase TWO images for 40.00. The price includes shipping.

Print sizes 11x14. Larger sizes available...please email for more info.

These are also samples of my International travels abroad and creative and conceptual style work that I bring to my photography. To date, I have photographed five of the seven continents and. Whether it's your wedding or a glamour or fashion shoot, you can rest assured that I bring you the best creativity and quality I possibly can.

I am available to travel for your event, photography or video needs. I have a passport and am an International traveler. Please contact me if you have an idea, project or concept you wish to discuss.